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Feature Readings and Publications:

        June 9, 2015 Cafe Cabaret, 7:00 pm             3739 Adams Avenue, SD 92116 

Poems in 2015 publications: "Mind Gone Wild" & "What Would Emily Do?" City Works: "More" A Year in Ink: "You Think You Know Her," SD Poetry Annual; "I have measured..." Magee Park; "Sorrento Valley," Sunshine Noir II

  Spoon, a chapbook of 26 poems from Finishing Line Press 2013,:

What Readers Are Saying About Spoon:

...each poem revealed a complete story triggered through an astounding economy of words. (John Farmer)

I can identify with so much that you have written; they could have been my own thoughts. Your words create powerful images. Your soul is laid bare. You have such courage in writing your truths. (Gail Newman)

Impressed by your writing skill to convey the emotion underlying your thoughts, experiences...A good read of poetry! (Lois Hobson)

You really open yourself up--heart and soul--in your writing, and it is beautiful and meaningful...your observations, your sensitivity, your compassion and caring for people. (Sandi Schenholm)

...your work is so damn tender and loving. (Roger Aplon)

March 7, 2014 - featured reading at A Turn for the Verse, at Twiggs on Park Blvd 7-9pm

January 15, 2014 New Alchemy at Upstart Crow Books, with Joe MIlosch

  "Breakers", SD Poetry Annual, 2014   "Breath", SD Writers Ink, 2014, "Ripe," Magee Park 2014, "Black and White...", City Works 2014, "The Newt in the Bathrooom, Serving House Journal, Spring 2014 Issue 9

"Sunday NIght at Dave's"  Serving House Journal and The San Diego Reader Nov. 2013 

  Review of GATEWAYS and a poem "The Moon" in Golden Lantern, http://www.goldenlantern.com/editor/review10.htm

The Mindfulness Bell, Issue #43,  A Journal of the Art of Mindful Living in the Tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. "Each of the 15 poems in Gateways is like a dharma sharing that opens mind and heart. The poems come from stopping...and attending to life around and within".Susan Hadler, Reviewer





Sylvia Levinson’s poetry crafts a few words into many ideas, a few lines into a lifetime of experience, insight, humor and truth.

TO PURCHASE: shlconsult@cox.net or Contact this web site.

 Spoon, a chapbook of 26 poems from Finishing Line Press, www.finishinglinepress.com ;$12 + shipping

 Gateways, Poems of Nature, Meditation and Renewal, an interactive chapbook of 15 poems. $12 + shipping.